Reefbuds are award-winning, reef-restorationtechnology co-developed by Benjamin Tayagand Austrian geoscientist Harald Kremnitz. Each Reefbud is made of environmentally friendly organic and inorganic materials engineered to foster coral growth and other marine life on dead or depleted reefs within months. On May 27, 2006 Reefbuds was the recipientof the World Bank Country Development Marketplace Competition award. The following years were headlined by the "Code Blue - Boracay" project, which was tasked to deploy over 5,000 Reefbud structures in marine dead areas of world-famous Boracay Island in the Philippines. Reefbud Group USA is pleased to bring this technology into US waters. Within this web site, you will not only discover the wonders that Reefbuds can bring to marine endangered environments, but also learn of ways to help support and advocate the mission of REEForestation.