Reefbuds are like solid sponges that absorb seawater together with all the marine life suspended in them, such as spores, plankton, algae etc. This key element enables a Reefbud to closely mimic the pH of its immediate environment.

Materials in Reefbuds react with sea water triggering a calcification process similar to how corals, crab shells, turtle shells, etc. are formed.
 Reefbuds become a natural habitat for all forms of marine life.

Reefbuds are massive structures that become heavier by absorbing seawater. With an aqua dynamic shape, currents simply glide around Reefbuds.

Speed of Growth-
 Marine life such as seaweeds, algae, fish, sea anemones, squid, etc. can be found plentiful on Reefbuds in as little as eight weeks after deployment, in completely barren (sand only bottom) coastal areas.

Easy Availability- Reefbuds were formulated to use beach sand and seawater as basic raw materials. Use of materials in close proximity to the sea is a major logistical benefit of Reefbud technology.

Natural Recruitment- One of the most important features of Reefbuds is their ability to recruit all types of corals by just being there. Corals have found Reefbuds to be a natural home to spawn, grow and multiply.

Coral Grafting Readiness– Coral fragments naturally fuse to Reefbuds as the calcification process takes place.

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